Key Advantages Offered by the ZellComp Decking System
• Unparalleled independent   testing demonstrating superior   strength
• More readily adaptable to a   variety of bridge types
• Functional with shear studs
• Utilizes mechanical fasteners =   no structural bonding onsite
Early composite decks were often cost prohibitive, but the superior design of the ZellComp deck allows it to deliver all the strength and benefits of an FRP deck, at a fraction of the cost of the early designs.  And when accelerated construction and life cycle are factored in, the total overall cost is significantly less than that of bridge decks made from traditional materials.


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Daniel H. Richards, Ph.D., P.E.
President & CEO
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ZellComp offers the next generation of FRP decks.

ZellComp’s lighter weight, durable, and corrosion free decks are cost efficient, easy and fast to install, and lead to a lower carbon footprint than steel or concrete. The decks have been proven through testing and successful installations. ZellComp decks offer a new and smarter way to upgrade our nation’s decaying bridges.

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